Customized services at a glance.
Futuristic computer setup with coding and design graphics, representing 20 MEDIA's custom web design and development services.

Advanced Web Design & Dev.

Tailored, high-quality website creation to meet specific business needs.

Dynamic illustration of an open laptop and tablet showcasing WordPress site design, representing digital evolution and innovation by 20 MEDIA.

WordPress Evolution & Rebuilds

Modernizing and enhancing existing WordPress sites for improved design, functionality, and user experience.

Close-up of hands analyzing SEO data on a computer with magnifying glass, showcasing on-page SEO optimization tools and charts.

On-Page SEO Mastery

Optimizing individual web pages to boost search engine visibility and attract targeted traffic.

Speedometer graphics indicating rapid site speed optimization, a service highlight by 20 MEDIA for enhanced website performance.

Site Speed Optimization

Boosting website load times for an improved user experience and enhanced search engine rankings.

Professional at work in a digital marketing environment, focusing on SEO content creation, with dynamic analytical and creative graphics.

SEO-Focused Content Creation

Producing engaging, SEO-optimized content to strengthen your online presence and audience connection.

Artistic representation of web migration and data optimization processes, showcasing servers and data flow, provided by 20 MEDIA.

Web Migration & Optimization

Skilled in website transfers, staging, and performance tuning for smooth transitions and optimal functionality.

Magnifying glass focusing on the WordPress logo with tools and gears, indicating 20 MEDIA's specialized WordPress troubleshooting services.

WordPress Problem Solver

Specialized troubleshooting services to efficiently resolve WordPress-related issues.

Computer screen with tools representing 20 MEDIA's ongoing website maintenance services, with a call to action to join now.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Providing regular website maintenance to ensure optimal performance, updated content, and uninterrupted functionality.

Interactive WordPress training workshop with participants engaged in learning and a presenter guiding on a large screen, by 20 MEDIA.

Empowerment Training

Offering comprehensive training and support in WordPress management and Elementor Pro for client self-sufficiency.

Digital illustration of an online store interface with eCommerce elements, signifying 20 MEDIA's expertise in WooCommerce development.

eCommerce Storefront Development

Creating user-friendly, effective eCommerce solutions, with a focus on WooCommerce for WordPress.

Illustration of various devices showcasing mobile-first responsive web design, highlighting 20 MEDIA's upgrade services.

Mobile-First Responsive Design Enhancement

Upgrading existing websites to provide seamless experiences across all devices, particularly focusing on mobile optimization.

Cybernetic head representing AI and persona-based prompt engineering for language models, a service by 20 MEDIA.

Persona-Based Prompt Engineering for Large LLM's

Crafting custom prompts for AI models, tailored to create persona-based interactions, optimizing content generation, and enhancing chatbot functionalities.

Collage of digital technology and creative elements with text 'Why Choose 20 MEDIA for Your Next Project?', emphasizing comprehensive solutions.
Why choose 20 MEDIA for your next project?

My expertise lies in creating high-quality, user-friendly, mobile-first websites that are optimized for search engines so you rank high to reach your target audience.

At 20 MEDIA, I don’t just build websites; I craft bespoke digital experiences. My unique value lies in my:

With years of specialized experience in WordPress and digital media, I bring proven skills and insights to your project.

I understand that each business is unique. That's why I offer customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures your project is not just current but future-proof.

Digital hand offering a puzzle piece to a human hand from a computer screen, representing personalized service solutions at 20 MEDIA.
Ready to elevate your digital presence? Your custom solution awaits!
Part of the 20 MEDIA logo, showcasing the brand's vibrant orange and white color scheme.

A creative media company founded by freelancer Jeff Gordon. Specializing in advanced professional WordPress solutions.


401 N Main St #971
Temple, Texas 76501


401 N Main St #971
Temple, Texas 76501

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