The Genesis of a WordPress Visionary
Childhood photo of Jeff Gordon, founder of 20 MEDIA, on the 'About' page showcasing his early beginnings.

Jeff Gordon

Crafting Digital Excellence.

Born in the 70’s, exploring in the 80’s, and stepping into fatherhood in the 90’s, my journey has been as dynamic as the technology that would eventually shape my career.

My venture into the digital world began in 1995, immersing myself in the realms of Integrated Digital Image Communications Technology at college. It was here that my fascination with the digital arts took root, marking the start of a lifelong passion.

Post-college, I eagerly sought projects that would sharpen my emerging skills, leading me to an unexpected yet thrilling path in the music industry in 1999. My love for music harmonized with my creative skills, as I crafted CD covers, EPKs, flyers, and ventured into website creation. This period wasn’t just about projects; it was about discovering the joy of bringing ideas to life through digital mediums.

In 2011, after over a decade in music, I felt the pull towards further education in Motion Graphics Design. This pursuit wasn’t just academic; it was a quest for excellence, evidenced by my accolades on the President’s and Dean’s Lists.

My professional journey took a pivotal turn in 2014, accepting a role that challenged and honed my skills in web development, media creation, and social campaign management. These eight years were a crucible, refining my abilities and preparing me for my next big leap.

And so, in 2022, with a wealth of experience and a heart full of ambition, 20 MEDIA was born. This wasn’t just the start of a company; it was the culmination of years of growth, learning, and an unwavering passion for the digital world.

My Present


In August 2021, I became very ill with Covid. I was hospitalized, placed on Oxygen, and ended up with long-term lung damage.

That experience completely changed my outlook on life to the point I decided to make a professional career change. That change has awarded me the ability to spend extra time with my family.


20 MEDIA was launched in February 2022 as a small project to assist a few clients with website issues.

With their positive feedback, I decided to focus more energy on building a brand and offering more services with 20 MEDIA.


My home office is located in my childhood city of Temple, Texas.

I'm now blessed with being able to work from home with my family next to me daily.


The world is changing. Society is changing. Remote work is growing. This has increased the opportunities for young families to have more time together.

For remote work to continue to increase, online options need to increase as well. This means more websites, more graphics, more content, and more media.

Portrait of Jeff Gordon, the dedicated founder of 20 MEDIA, displaying a focused and professional demeanor.
Dad Facts
Jeff Gordon with his four sons, showcasing the close-knit family bond that drives his purpose at 20 MEDIA.
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Chupa, the beloved 5-pound dog of 20 MEDIA's founder Jeff Gordon, enjoying the outdoors.
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My Future

To chart the course for the future, I am committed to solidifying my position as a leader in the digital media field. Gaining industry authority is more than a marker of success; it’s about forging valuable business relationships across diverse sectors and driving innovation in digital media.

As the digital landscape evolves, so will 20 MEDIA, maintaining business agility to protect brand equity and foster growth. By adapting to media changes and refining successful strategies, I ensure that 20 MEDIA remains your reliable partner in the ever-changing digital world.

Digital hand offering a puzzle piece to a human hand from a computer screen, representing personalized service solutions at 20 MEDIA.
Leverage my WordPress expertise to craft a website that sets you apart.
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A creative media company founded by freelancer Jeff Gordon. Specializing in advanced professional WordPress solutions.


401 N Main St #971
Temple, Texas 76501


401 N Main St #971
Temple, Texas 76501

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